Outstanding Digital Introductions

Top off a professional recording session or brand new music video with a beautifully designed electronic press kit (EPK). EPK's designed by our executive staff here at NRG allow any client to put their best foot forward to any booking agent, talent scout, or market bigwig. Make a lasting first impression, even via email. Allow our staff to cater perfectly to your audience for any occasion: album release, festival circuit, world tour, and more. An EPK is an invaluable tool for any modern artist or band. Keep up to date and don't get left behind from the music world's biggest opportunities. Ask about EPKs when booking a room.

A concise, well-crafted press release is crucial to extend your artistic vision to the industry movers and shakers that can take your project to the next level. Don't leave your next big splash to chance and allow the staff at NRG to expertly write a press release for any occasion related to your next artistic move. NRG Recording can specifically target any audience of any size for any artistic project. Feel secure entrusting our knowledgeable staff with your multimedia presence from opening line to mic drop. Every fresh recording needs a solid press release to back it; NRG Recording can do both. Take a look at an example representing our own brand below.

Full Media Packages Available

NRG Recording offers a wide variety of options and customization routes that enable any artist to transform their market presence into an unstoppable force. Our most premiere media packs can provide services including up several live performance videos, the respective recordings and final mixes, an interview spotlight, mixed stems and multi-track access, and more.

EPKs, press releases, and media packages also highlight our other services available at NRG Recording. Raw footage and photos are freely provided with each EPK. For more information on our flagship video services, take a look down below to relive the birth of On Air with NRG or click here to be redirected to our video page or click here to be redirected to our page for video production and photography services.

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